Beech Nut - Frosty Mint


Beech Nut Frosty Mint (1960)

Verpakte stroken kauwgom komen tot leven. 

Commercial in stopmotion voor Beech Nut Chewing gum.

Life is Nothing without Philips


Kapers op de kust (1960)

Deze film illustreert dat een leven zonder Philips niets waard is. 

Reclame voor Philips consumenten elektronica.

Players - Pleasure Revived


Players - Pleasure Revived (1960)

Arctic survival

Commercial for Players cigarettes. 

Pleasure Bound


Pleasure Bound (1960)

A sailor goes on shore leave and know exactly where to find his kind of pleasure…

Advert for Players (Navy Cut) Cigarettes

Superb Scot(ch)


Superb Scot(ch) (1961)

The Super Scotsman helps compatriots and loves the best Scotch whisky.

Advertisement for George Ballantine's whisky.

The Traveling Tune


The Traveling Tune (1961)

A musical Fantasy in paper

Advertisement for Philips records and electronics.

The treasure of the Count of Monte-Cristo


The treasure of the Count of Monte-Cristo (1961)

A classic story, told with a twist.

Puppet animation by Joop Geesink's Dollywood for scooters.

White Horse Whisky


White Horse Wisky (1961)

A white horse is the connecting factor between the different continents

Advertising for White Horse Whisky

Amstel Lager


Philips Lamp Light Band (1957)

Beer bottles dancing in a futuristic environment.

Advertising film for Amstel Lager (Pils).

Especially in these busy times


Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)

Father Time tells a visiting monk what people need.

Advertisement for Cynar. 

Crying Chief


Crying Chief (1962)

Chef's buddy is in despair. The cook offers comfort.

Advertising film for canned soup of the American brand Heinz

Quaker Oats


Quaker Oats(1960)

That's how you wake up happy

Advertisement for Quaker Oats. 

Philips On Parade


Philips On Parade (1964)

Wherever they play, depression gives away to gaiety

Commercial for Philips. 

Philips Cavalcade - 75 Years of Music


Still uit Philips Cavalcade (1966)

Spectacular, vibrant puppet animation, loosely depicting the history of popular music. With a grand finale.

Advertisement of 10 minutes for Philips.