The Ship of The Ether - George Pal


The Ship of The Ether - George Pal

Music floats to our radios through the air...

Advertisement for Philips Radio

Serenata Nocturna


Still uit Serenata Nocturna (1942)

Moonlight Serenade

A guitarist tries to serenade woman on her balcony in Mexico. Nothing works, until Philips Radio offers the solution.

Phi-Garo in the forest


Phi-Garo in the Forrest (1943)

Fairy tale with a happy ending, thanks to Philips electric razors.



Still uit Bonera (1944)

Sweets in World War II

Op een vrolijke melodietje dansen de snoepjes van Bonera door het beeld.

The Big Four in Conference


Still from The Big Four in Conference (1946)

Meeting of the superpowers

Commercial for Van Nelle's coffee and tea and Caran d'Ache pencils

Het gebroken hart


Still uit Het gebroken hart (1947)

Een ontroerend Drama

Reclame voor Van Nelle's Koffie en Thee.

Visiting Bols


Still from Visiting Bols (1947)

This movie is from 1947 for Bols’ gin distillery. 

Commercial for gin and liqueur

Secret Weapons


Geheime Wapens (1948)

An unexpected interpretation of the term 'weapon'.

It turns out to be BK’s new enameled cookware.

Snowman in danger 


Still from

Frustrated snowman

2D Cel animated commercial from Joop Geesink's Dollywood (1949) for Persil detergent.

The Story Of Time By Rolex


Story Of Time By Rolex (1949)

The time ahead

With Story of Time the history of timekeeping is told. Candles, sundials, sun worshippers…it all ends with the Rolex watch.

Kermesse Fantastique


Kermesse Fantastique (1951)

"Technical Triumph"

Puppet animated advert for Philips radios.
A man steps into a radio set and has adventures on a fairground (the "kermesse"). When he is back home, he isn't quite sure if it all was real or just a dream.

Nicky Nut


Nicky Nut (1951)

Distressed adventures of squirrel family.

Puppet film commercial for various insurance policies of the "Algemeene Verzekeringen" (A.G.)

Triumph of Technology


Triumph of Technology (1951)

"Triumph of Technology:  (Triomf der Techniek)

Reclamefilm voor de spectaculaire expositie "60 jaar Philips"

Guess Who's Right There?


Guess Who's Right There? (Hoort Wie Klopt Daar?) (1952)

"Give him a bike light... or a TV!"

Advertising film promoting Philips products as gifts.

Harlequin and Christmas time


Harlequin and Christmastime (1952)

Father Christmas is suddenly confronted with a series of unexpected gift requests.

Advertising for Harlequin Christmas pudding.