Joop Geesink

Joop Geesink - the man who made these films happen. He also proved that commercial films can be of historic, artistic and cultural value.

Louise Geesink

Louise Geesink - Joop Geesink's daughter, heir and business successor. Many thanks to her for her contributions and positive feedback.

Jan-Willem de Vries

Jan-Willem de Vries - Author of the book "De Toonder Animatiefilms" ("The Animation Films by Toonder"). Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos and unique visuals.
Please note: This handsomely illustrated book of over 300 pages also explores Marten Toonder's collaboration with Joop Geesink, and includes a unique compilation of animated films by Toonder and Toonder/Geesink on DVD.

Leenke Ripmeester

Leenke Ripmeester - Programmer en researcher at EYE Film, the former Film Museum. We are grateful for her archival catalogues and documentation.


 Hubert den Draak

Hubert den Draak, (Canada) - My brother with whom for many years I've worked on animated films and still share a passion with for this topic. Thank you for this site's English translation and the many pointers and tips.

 Harry Tolsma

Everyone who over the years has given me valuable information.
I particularly commend Harry Tolsma who considered himself my and Hubert's "film dad". He taught me much of what I know about this field.

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Joop Geesink as stopmotion puppet (1961). Where is he now?