Players - Pleasure Revived


Players - Pleasure Revived (1960)

Arctic survival

Commercial for Players cigarettes. 


Arctic survival

Commercial for cigarettes for the brand Player’s. Puppet animation in which a man goes fishing but by accident ends up on a snow mountain. Fortunately, native offer him Player's cigarettes.


Despite of the styled environment, the puppets are all very detailed. Look for instance at the number of expressions of the main character and the natives. Also the seals, that scurry away frightened, deserve attention. These are solid wood fases. A series of 18 pieces were used to show this movement of the seals. The preserved scan of this film unfortunately has poor coloring.
In the same year, Dollywood also produced a second commercial for this advertiser: "Pleasure bound"(1960)

Players - Pleasure Revived (1960)


Title: Players - Pleasure Revived
Client:Players Cigarettes
Duration:2,5 minutes
Year of production:1960
Unknown - probably Jan Coolen or Max Keuris
Animator:Cor Icke
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
35 mm, Technicolor