Amstel Lager


Philips Lamp Light Band (1957)

Beer bottles dancing in a futuristic environment.

Advertising film for Amstel Lager (Pils).

Amstel Pils "West Side Story"

Joop Geesink was able to quickly pick up on new trends in the film. Shortly before, the dance film/musical West Side Story (1961) could be seen in many cinemas. And what do you do then? Exactly! You make beer bottles dance and move in the same setting and atmosphere. This film is just one in a series of many films in which Geesink products came to life.


Within the studio, 3D animation was divided into two types: stop motion, to make a difference with puppet animation, which was therefore called 'animation'. The literal translation of 'stop motion' is: bringing movement to a standstill. The translation of 'animation' is: bringing movement to life. It may be clear that the studio staff gave puppet animation a higher rating than stop motion.
Realize that nowadays such a production is made on the computer and that with computer effects the bottles are enlarged and reduced in size. Here, the bottles are placed and moved in real decors. An ingenious combination of two- and three-dimensional objects and photographs. This kind of work became an independent specialty because of the many technical skills and often self-developed tricks to achieve the desired effect. The craftsmanship came to the fore because you could never see the end result until the film was shot and developed in the film laboratory. It is therefore a pity that no credits have been kept from productions like this. Unfortunately it is not known who the composer was of this good 'look a like sound'. Translated with (free version)

Amstel Pils (1962)
Amstel Pils (1962)
Amstel Pils (1962)
Amstel Pils (1962)
Amstel Pils (1962)
Amstel Pils (1962)


                  Title: Amstel Pils
Cliënt:Amstel breweries 
Year of production:1962
Duration:1 minute
Art Director::Unknown
Format:35 mm