Quaker Oats


Quaker Oats(1960)

That's how you wake up happy

Advertisement for Quaker Oats. 

Philips On Parade


Philips On Parade (1964)

Wherever they play, depression gives away to gaiety

Commercial for Philips. 

Beech Nut Chewing Gum - Frosty Mint


Beech Nut Frosty Mint (1965)

Verpakte stroken kauwgom komen tot leven. 

Commercial in stopmotion voor Beech Nut Chewing gum.

Delft Blue


Delft Blue (1966) - Joop Geesink's Dollywood

A special journey on a Delft Blue plate. Figures come to life.

Advertising film for Dutch dairy products.

Philips Cavalcade - 75 Years of Music


Philips Cavalcade - 75 Years of Music (1966)

Spectacular, vibrant puppet animation, loosely depicting the history of popular music. With a grand finale.

PHILIPS celebrated its 75th anniversary.

1969-BEECH NUT – Animals - 2


Beech Nut (1969) Yipes! Stripes!

Fantasy animals swing through the picture praising the gum. 

TV commercial for Beech Nut chewing gum with striped fruit flavor