KOOL - cigarettes


Kool cigarerettes (1963)

America's most refreshing cigarette

Advertising film for Kool menthol cigarettes.

Lunch in the Jungle


Agip Jungle (1963)

Explorer meets cannibals. Rain puts out the wood fire. With AGIP, everyone - including the explorer - can still eat.

Advertising for Agip bottled gas

Quaker Oats


Quaker Oats(1960)

That's how you wake up happy

Advertisement for Quaker Oats. 

Philips On Parade


Philips On Parade (1964)

Wherever they play, depression turns to joy.

Commercial for Philips from 1964.

Beech Nut Chewing Gum - Frosty Mint


Beech Nut Frosty Mint (1965)

Verpakte stroken kauwgom komen tot leven. 

Commercial in stopmotion voor Beech Nut Chewing gum.

STP motor oil



The battle against dirt, fire, ice and mud.

Commercial for STP Motor Oil. 

Viva Towels


Viva Towels (1965)

A sponge recommends its cousin, which can absorb liquid as well as itself.

Advertisement for Viva Towels kitchen roll

Delft Blue


Delft Blue (1966) - Joop Geesink's Dollywood

A special journey on a Delft Blue plate. Figures come to life.

Advertising film for Dutch dairy products.

Opening Joop Geesink Studios


New studio opened for Joop Geesink Productions (1966)

New studio opened for Joop Geesink Productions

Reportage from the Polygoon news programme about what was then the largest studio in the Netherlands.

Philips Cavalcade - 75 Years of Music


Philips Cavalcade - 75 Years of Music (1966)

Spectacular, vibrant puppet animation, loosely depicting the history of popular music. With a grand finale.

PHILIPS celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Heineken - Streetcar


Heineken-Tram (1968)

A man has problems with public transport. He finds relief at home.

Advertising for Heineken lager.

Heineken - Sunday


Heineken-Sunday (1968)

A man is experiencing a dull, rainy Sunday. Unexpectedly, there is consolation.

Advertising for Heineken lager.

1969-BEECH NUT – Animals - 2


Beech Nut (1969) Yipes! Stripes!

Fantasy animals swing through the picture praising the gum. 

TV commercial for Beech Nut chewing gum with striped fruit flavor

Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon


Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon (1970)

Heinz, the slowest ketchup in the West, North and South.

Advertising film for Heinz tomato ketchup.

The Pear


Peer (1974)

This film shows a pear eating .... a pear. He tries to pronounce his text while smacking it. He succeeds at the end of the film.

Advertisement for Dutch pears