Especially in these busy times


Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)

Father Time tells a visiting monk what people need.

Advertisement for Cynar. 

The busy modern man

Puppet animated film in which a monk is visiting Father Time (Padre Tempo). Father Time shows his guest images of the modern busy man. He tells people in history have always been busy. Then he shows the healing effect of the artichok (the cinara) which is incorporated in the aperitif drink Cynar. Advertising for Cynar, l'aperitivo pezziol.


Only a few films were specifically opened with the title that it comes from "Dollywood-Italiana". This film is one of them. An explanation is given at another Italian commercial Agip Jungle.


This film is relatively unknown. It was produced for the Italian market only. The original was shot in Technicolor. A copy in color would be welcome to us!

Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)
Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)Proprio per Questo Tempo (1962)


          Original titleProprio per Questo Tempo
Year of production:1962
Duration:2 minuten
                                                      Art Direction:
Henk Kabos
(It might have been Dolf van der Linden)
(It might have been Cor Icke)
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
Puyppet clothing:Lia Sten
Format:35 mm, Technicolor