White Horse Whisky


White Horse Wisky (1961)

A white horse is the connecting factor between the different continents

Advertising for White Horse Whisky

All over the world

This short offered some stunning imagery for its time. A horse detaches itself from the bottle's label to traverse the world. Better yet, it gallops through the atmosphere all over the earth. Wherever is passes through, bottles of White Horse suddenly appear. To mimic the horse's continuous movement, the bulky Technicolor camera is hardly ever stationary, but always moving and swooping over the different sets.


A few years after this popular short a sequel was produced, "White Horse Rides Again", which sadly seems to have been lost.

Unfortunately the subtle appearance loses some of its effect here. Shooting three-dimensional replacement models of a white horse was very challenging to pull off on the high-contrast format of Technicolor film. Colour was created by combining three separate layers of film: one for red, one for green and one for blue.
The replacement models of the running horse were positioned on large sheets of clear glass in or in front of the different sets, which presented many problems with reflections (in some shots you can see the horse's reflection shimmer elsewhere on the screen).

Muybridge photos used for White Horse Whisky

Creating the many photo-realistic replacement models (each about 50cm wide) was a serious challenge for puppet maker Harry Tolsma. His reference for the horse's exact movements came from Edward Muybridge's (1830-1904) famous photographs "Animal Locomotion".

Muybridge photos used for White Horse Whisky
White Horse Wisky (1961)
White Horse Wisky (1961)
White Horse Wisky (1961)
White Horse Wisky (1961)
White Horse Wisky (1961)
White Horse Wisky (1961)


Title: White Horse Whisky
Client:White Horse Whisky Cellar
Running time:1,5 minute
Production Year:1961
                                                      Art Director:
Henk Kabos 
models:Harry Tolsma
Camera & animation:
Format:35 mm, Technicolor