Pleasure Bound


Pleasure Bound (1960)

A sailor goes on shore leave and know exactly where to find his kind of pleasure…

Advert for Players (Navy Cut) Cigarettes

Spicy Stuff...

This theatrical advert shows what’s on a sailor’s mind when he goes on shore leave after a long time at sea. We follow him through city streets with noisy bars and taverns. Soon the streets get darker and narrower, with here and there a red light. A window shows the silhouette of a lovely lady preening herself; the sailor goes right in…
It’s an original way to keep the viewer’s attention. This handsome Technicolor production has gorgeous sets and smooth, confident animation. The story might feel a little slow-paced now, but is still fun and surprising.


Geesink produced two pleasure-themed puppet films within one year, each with a sailor as the main character: this one, and "Pleasure Revived" (both 1960). They don’t have much in common other than the logo of a sailor portrayed on the packs of Player’s cigarettes.

Pleasure Bound (1960)
Pleasure Bound (1960)
Pleasure Bound (1960)
Pleasure Bound (1960)
Pleasure Bound (1960)
Pleasure Bound (1960)
Pleasure Bound (1960)


Title:Pleasure Bound
                                 Client:Players (Navy Cut) Cigarettes
Duration:2 minutes
Year of production:1960
Animation:Jószef Misik
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
Format:35 mm, Technicolor