Superb Scot(ch)


Superb Scot(ch) (1961)

The Super Scotsman helps compatriots and loves the best Scotch whisky.

Advertisement for George Ballantine's whisky.

The Super Scotsman

A Scotsman in traditional clothing offers unsolicited help in various situations. He makes friends with his Scotch Whisky.


Dollywood produced advertising films for several whisky labels. Ballantine's got competition from the brand "White Horse whisky". Both films are from the same period. It would therefore not be inconceivable that the cinemagoer at that time was presented with both films shortly after each other.

Trivia (2)

This film is more based on the traditional puppet stopmotion (Phase technique). Although the beautiful colors of Technicolor have disappeared in this copy, this film shows in what subtle way the creative team of Dollywood was able to make credible expressions on this doll.

The scene in which the fish is caught was spectacular in a cinema in 1961. The fish is picked up right past the camera, giving the cinema audience a brief scare effect, followed by a smile.

Superb Scot(ch) (1961)
Superb Scot(ch) (1961)
Superb Scot(ch) (1961)
Superb Scot(ch) (1961)


Title: The Superb Scot(ch)
Client:George Ballantine's & Son Ltd.
Duration:2 minutes
Year of production:1961
                                                      Art Director:
Henk Kabos 
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
Cor Icke
Puppet clothing:Lia Sten
Format:35 mm, Technicolor