Heineken - Sunday


Heineken-Sunday (1968)

A man is experiencing a dull, rainy Sunday. Unexpectedly, there is consolation.

Advertising for Heineken lager.

Recognisable problems

In a series of commercials, everyday inconveniences are magnified. The recognition is obvious and with a bit of humour there is a quick acceptance.

Joop Geesink produced a number of short television commercials for Heineken in the period 1968/69. This is another version from the series.
See for more information "Heineken - Streetcar" (1968)

Start and end

The beginning and end of the film is identical to the other commercial. The simple design and animation made this form of puppet film considerably cheaper.

Heineken-Tram (1968)
Heineken-Sunday (1968)Heineken-Sunday (1968)Heineken-Sunday (1968)Heineken-Tram (1968)


Title: Zondag (Sunday)
Client:Heineken breweries
Year of prodution:1968
Duration:30 seconds
                                                      Art Director:
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
35 mm, zwart/wit