Philips On Parade


Philips On Parade (1964)

Wherever they play, depression turns to joy.

Commercial for Philips from 1964.

Commercial for Philips from 1964. A Philips orchestra travels the world, bringing luxury, convenience and happiness everywhere. The subtitle was therefore:: Wherever they play, depression gives away to gaiety.

Knappe stilering

This film is very different in style from the usual Geesink puppets. Employees jokingly called it the toilet roll film. This is going a bit far, but the design is clearly tight and low-budget. Despite lower labour costs in the 1960s, it had become a very expensive operation to model both all the members of the orchestra and the people in the crowd in the famous Dollywood way. The result is a fresh, innovative style.In 1966, the artistic Max Keuris would realise a superlative production with the jubilee film "Philips Cavalcade - 75 Years of Music" (1967).


According to the advertisement that appeared in cinema trade magazines, this film was even available in the format TODD-A.O. This is a 70 mm film, so 2x larger and 2x higher than the usual formats. You had to pay Hfl 1500 (€ 750) for this. Presumably, this 70 mm copy was optically enlarged from the 35 mm original. The added value of this was that the cinema operator could seamlessly connect this pre-film to a main film of the same format without having to switch equipment. The visitor had never seen the puppets so large on the big screen before.

Philips On Parade (1964)
Philips On Parade advertised as
Philips On Parade (1964)


Titel: Philips On Parade
Year of production:1964
Duration:9 minuten
                                                      Art Direction:Max Keuris
Executive producer:Frits de Jonge
Composer:Ger van Leeuwen
AnimationCor Icke, Günter Mandle
Camera:Pieter Merkx, Roel Boulengier
Format:35 mm, Technicolor / TODD-AO,