Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon


Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon (1970)

Heinz, the slowest ketchup in the West, North and South.

Advertising film for Heinz tomato ketchup.

A Heinz ketchup bottle is drinking in a saloon somewhere in the wild west. Then a bottle of 'catsup' enters and all the bottles in the saloon flee. The Heinz bottle, however, stands quietly at the bar, ready for the coming "duel": A close-up shows that Heinz' ketchup comes out of the bottle much slower than his opponent's, who quickly runs out and falls down. The Heinz bottle has thus won the duel.


This is one of the films from a series that has been preserved for this museum. Unfortunately, the quality of this scan is poor. The source was an old, analogue VHS video tape.
The ketchup bottles had several adventures. Remarkably, the selling point in each film was that the ketchup comes out of the bottle so slowly. Actually, it's not that handy and the dripping substance doesn't look very appetising.
The titles were made shortly after each other in 1970.

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Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon

Max Keuris

One name that has remained relatively underexposed within the work of Joop Geesink's Dollywood is that of art director Max Keuris
Unlike, for example, Henk Kabos, his name was not often mentioned in the credits. Yet this name should certainly be mentioned because Max Keuris was a very versatile designer. Furthermore, this director was known for his visual humour, in this film, for example, the 'naked painting' of the tomato.

Max Keuris made several Heinz films, but also longer productions for Philips, such as "The Traveling Tune" (1961) "Philips On Parade"(1964) and what can be considered his masterpiece: the jubilee film "Philips Cavalcade, 75 years of Music".
With "The Traveling Tune", Max Keuris introduced a completely new animation style within the Dollywood Studios: the paperdoll. This technique would often be used in other productions.

Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon (1970)
Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon (1970)
Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon (1970)
Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon (1970)


Title:Heinz - Ketchup : Saloon
Year of production:1970
Duration:1 minuut
                                                      Art Direction:Max Keuris
Animator:Pieter Merkx 
Camera:Pieter Merkx 
Format:35 mm, Eastman color