Guess Who's Right There?


Guess Who's Right There? (Hoort Wie Klopt Daar?) (1952)

"Give him a bike light... or a TV!"

Advertising film promoting Philips products as gifts.

The "Union of Saint Nicholases" is meeting. They have a solution for many practical problems.


This film takes up an old, well-known tradition: the Saint Nicholas feast. In the period after the Second World War, luxury items were still scarce. That explains the choice of some gifts. Originating from the archives of EYE Institute.

Guess Who's Right There? (Hoort Wie Klopt Daar?) (1952)
Guess Who's Right There? (Hoort Wie Klopt Daar?) (1952)

Saint Nicholas brings luxury and practical gifts - Hear Who's Right There? (1952)

The ultimate wish of every family: a television - Hear Who's Right There? (1952)


Title : Guess Who's Right There
(Hoort wie klopt daar kinderen!)
Year of production:1952
Duration:3,5 minuut
                                                      Art Director:
Unknown, probably Jószef Misik
Animation:Jules Balázs
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
Format:35 mm, Technicolor