Polygoon Profilti


1952-Polygoon Profilti

Visiting the competitor: Polygoon Profilti film factory

Publicity film Polygoon Profilti film factory. They offered also stopmotion and animation films.

More then newsreels

This film is a publicity film from the makers of the well-known Polygon newsreels in the Netherlands. With this information film, the makers wanted to convince potential clients.
Polygoon profility was a direct competitor of Joop Geesink's Star film at the time.
This production shows that Polygoon not only made news reports, but also corporate films and even trickery. That is also the reason that this film is being shown. It gives a good impression of the way of working in the early 1950s. The Geesink studios worked in a similar way with similar equipment.


The film gives examples of application of 2D cartoon film (cell animation) and 3D stop motion trick. As far as known, Polygoon Profilti did not make movies with stopmotion puppets. See example:  BONERA candy (1944)

1952-Polygoon Profilti
1952-Polygoon Profilti


Title: De Polygoon Profilti Productie
Client:Polygoon Profilti
Duration:21 minutes
Year of production:
ca. 1952
Format:35 mm black and white