Secret Weapons


Geheime Wapens (1948)

An unexpected interpretation of the term 'weapon'.

It turns out to be BK’s new enameled cookware.

After a peek inside a mysterious factory, a headline announcing “New Secret Weapons Uncovered!” appears. A newspaper’s extra edition announces that the weapon will be revealed during an international Women’s League Conference. It turns out to be BK’s new enameled cookware. This animated film has been edited quite lively considering it was produced in 1948. At the same time, its use of imagery and sounds are direct reminders of the very recent Second World War – a risky approach for an a commercial film. Fear, barbed wire, search lights, secret glances from dark windows… Yet somehow Geesink manages to give it fun twist that makes you smile; that’s his strength.


Halfway through the film abruptly shifts gears. After building up the suspense in an almost thriller-like way, headlines announce that the weapons will be revealed at… a Women’s League Conference. It could be argued that the film is over the moment we see the BK brand name. After all, enamelled cookware is not exactly a secret weapon, that would have been an anti-climax even then. This awkward mix of components may well have been the reason that this film never became a classic the way “The Big Four” did, for example. However it is well made with effective use of black-and-white photography and its imposing machinery.

1948-Secret Weapons
1948-Secret Weapons
1948-Secret Weapons
1948-Secret Weapons1948-Secret Weapons


Title:Secret Weapons
Client:BK Enamelled Cookware
Duration:2 minutes
Script:Joop Geesink
Art Direction:József Misik
                                       Animation:unknown; possibly Jószef Misik and/or Jules Balázs
Puppets:Harry Tolsma en anderen
35mm, Black and White