Makers of History


Makers of History (1955)

Astronauts meet Moon men and give gifts from Earth.

Advertising film for Heineken beer.

People on the moon?

"Ha ha ha, that's never going to happen!
In 1955, of course, people knew that it was 'impossible' to travel in space. It was therefore fun to fantasise about it. Funny film with a fictional image of travelling to the moon. 


Animator/director Gyuala Balàzs clearly came from the same 'creative nest' as Joszef Miszik. That's right, they both came from Hungary in the wake of George Pal, a filmmaker who fled Hungary to the Netherlands when the Nazis were advancing in that country. So both animators had been working together since the mid-1930's.

Both Hungarian animators had a minimalist animation style. The movements are often very tight, sometimes almost mechanical. Yet there are examples of both Miszik and Balàzs being able to animate more natural movements.


Gyuala Balàzs has creatively stood in the shadow of his colleague and fellow countryman Joszef Miszik for a long time, while the artistic level can certainly be called equal.

One similarity between the two Hungarians is that their names are spelled differently. It is clear that in the 1950s, the Dutch were not used to names of foreign origin. Jules Balázs and Gyuala Balàzs are the same person.

Makers of History (1955)
Makers of History (1955)
Makers of History (1955)
Makers of History (1955)


Title:Makers of History
Client:Heineken Brewery
Year of production:1955
Duration:2,5 minutes
Music:Hugo de Groot
Art director: Unknown, probably Henk Kabos
                                       Animation:Gyuala Balàzs
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
Puppetclothing:Lia Sten
Format:35 mm, Technicolorc