Land of Cockaigne


Land of Cockaigne (1952)

A train takes passengers on a voyage of discovery to Land of Cockaigne

Advertising for Honig products.

Feast after hunger

Advertising film for various Honig products is depicted with a train trip to Land of Cockaigne.

This is a relatively unknown movie from Joop Geesink's Dollywood. The voice-over tells that Land of Cockaigne is not a fairy tale and that all those delicacies have to do with Honig articles. Then packaging comes into the picture of Honig products such as: soups, soup cubes, vermicelli, macarony, and more. The film ends with the slogan: "Honig seen in every family".
This film comes from a period (1952) when many foods were still very scarce. For that reason, seeing a box of instant soup was already an association with 'lazy country' (Land of Cockaigne).


This is the third film in a row for Honig. Here, in spite of the technical progress available to the studio, there was a deliberate reliance on an existing figure that was first used for "Honig Werkt" ( Honig At Work-1946). A sensation at the time. The phase technique of the face was primitive in 1946, but the puppet could speak lip-synchronously. In the first film, the interchangeable masks were sculpted from clay. A vulnerable product.

This main character came back in Honig's Ideaal.(1948). Probably because of the week material and it's age, important phase masks have lapsed. In this film below the puppet appears for the third time. Speech was obscured by placing a megaphone in front of the doll's face. Because of this one cannot see the (missing!) mouth expressions.
The picture below clearly shows the connection between the fixed part (back of the head with hair and cap) and the interchangeable part (sculpted face).
Honig would later give several orders to Geesink, with other dolls.

Land of Cockaigne (1952)
Land of Cockaigne (1952)

Luilekkerland (1952) "Honigmannetje" gaat op herhaling.

Land of Cockaigne (1952)

Luilekkerland (1952) Onderlichaam en benen zijn uit hout gezaagde fasebenen.

Land of Cockaigne (1952)

Luilekkerland (1952) - Vermoedelijk werd voor verschillende opnamen een bestaand modeltreintje gebruikt.

Land of Cockaigne (1952)

Luilekkerland (1952) Packshot opgesteld in een landschap.


Title: Luilekkerland (Land of Cockaigne)
Duration:3 minutes
Year of production:1952
                                                      Art Director:
Composter:Unknown, prob. Hugo de Groot
Animation:Unknown, probably
Joszef Misik or Jules Balázs
                                             Format:35 mm, Technicolor