A Dream Comes True


A dream comes true (1955)

Dutchy's Dream about a better world

Puppetanimation of 10 minutes to promote Dutch Dairy Office and its dairy products.

A Technicolor puppet film for the Dutch Dairy Board featuring Dutchy, a very Dutch farmer who dreams of bringing wholesome milk to the whole world. When he wakes up, his dream has become reality.


A charming film in which little-known puppet animator Guus Harmsen proves he can bring to life this awkwardly proportioned character. The film’s storyline is naïve and simplistic, but its scope and colorful design make up for it.


Typically, the Dutchy films contain no spoken dialogue or printed texts. This film however features a recurring theme song, which involved having to re-record the song in many different languages. Similarly, all printed text had to be re-shot in different languages. This was avoided in later productions, as it added significantly to the production costs.

Most of the film’s extras in crowd scenes are “borrowed” puppets from various other productions, explaining their sometimes noticeable different designs. This was not unusual, as by this time the studio had built up a huge reservoir of puppets they could tap into, saving time and money, with the client never having to find out.
The Dutch Dairy Board produced a short documentary for its members to introduce Dutchy as animated character.

A Dream Comes True (1955)
Dutchy op poster (Kees van Roemburg) 1960

 'Dutchy' original design by Kees van Roemburg.

A Dream Comes True (1955)A Dream Comes True (1955)


Title: A Dream Comes True
Client:Dutch Dairy Board
Year of production:1955
Format:35 mm, Technicolor 
10 minutes
DirectionJan Coolen
Music:Dolf van der Linden
Animation:Guus Harmsen
Puppets:Harry Tolsma
Puppet clothing:Lia Sten