Kermesse Fantastique


Kermesse Fantastique (1951)

"Technical Triumph"

Puppet animated advert for Philips radios.
A man steps into a radio set and has adventures on a fairground (the "kermesse"). When he is back home, he isn't quite sure if it all was real or just a dream.

Triumph of Technology


Titelkaart van promotiefilm

"Triumph of Technology:  (Triomf der Techniek)

Reclamefilm voor de spectaculaire expositie "60 jaar Philips"

Guess Who's Right There?


Hoort Wie Klopt Daar? (1952)

"Give him a bike light... or a TV!"

Advertising film promoting Philips products as gifts.

Land of Cockaigne


Luilekkerland (1952)

A train takes passengers on a voyage of discovery to Land of Cockaigne

Advertising for Honig products.

Polygoon Profilti


1952-Polygoon Profilti

Visiting the competitor: Polygoon Profilti film factory

Publicity film Polygoon Profilti film factory. They offered also stopmotion and animation films.

Far West Post


Far West Post (1953)

Or: Popeye in the Wild West

Oranjeboom Beer advert.

The Discovery Of America - Year 1492


Discovery of America (1953)

Humoristische vrije vertaling van Columbus' ontdekking.

Reclame voor Campari

De Nachtmerrie


De nachtmerrie (1953)

Man droomt dat hij op een gruwelijke manier onder het mes genomen wordt.

Reclame voor Philips Philishave 

Frankie Fit does it again


Frankie Fit does it again (1954)

Avertisment for Amstel beer

Explorers are in jungle, but their beer is gone. The emergency service brings beer but the plane threatens to fail. In the end everyone is happy.

Golden Dreams

1954 (Starfilm)

Golden Dreams (1954)

Life action advertisemen by Joop Geesink's Starfilm. 

Advert for Golden Fiction cigarets.

Light and Mankind


Light and Mankind (1954)

The film Light and Mankind shows the development of mankind and lighting.

Light and Mankind starts in the prehistoric era and ends in modern times in the year 1954. Thanks to Philips lightbulbs there is light.

Prins Electron


Prince Electron (1954)

Phillipa Ray shines like never before.

Puppet animation. Advertisement for Philips audio.

The Story of Light


The Story of Light (1954)

Excursie in de Wetenschap: Licht door de geschiedenis.

Met The Story of Light wordt de geschiedenis van verlichting verteld. Het verhaal begint in de oertijd waarin fakkels de lichtbron zijn en eindigt in de moderne tijd anno 1954. 

A Dream Comes True


A dream comes true (1955)

Dutchy's Dream about a better world

Puppetanimation of 10 minutes to promote Dutch Dairy Office and its dairy products.

Beech-Nut - Candy Cane


BeechNut-CandyCane (1955)

Beech-Nut kaugum. Eén van de vele uit de serie

Reclame voorBeech-Nut kauwgom